Total wealth estimate ($)

"The Wealth of Nations dataset provides country level data on comprehensive wealth, adjusted net saving, and non-renewable resource rents indicators, as published in "The Changing Wealth of Nations" (2011)."
(World Bank,, 23-01-2015)

"Total wealth is present value of future consumption that is sustainable, discounted at a rate of time preference of 1.5 percent, over 25 years.

Depletion Adjusted Saving (DAS) =

Gross National Saving (GNS)
- Consumption of Fixed Capital (CFC)
- Energy Depletion (END)
- Mineral Depletion (MID)
- Net Forest Depletion (NFD)"

(World Bank,, 23-01-2015)

Data host: 

World Bank

Unit of Measurement: 

United States Dollar (USD)

Description to get data: 

The data is stored different excel sheets: Please use e.g. for the year 2005 the sheet: "total wealth, 2005" column F: "Total Wealth". For further updates please also have a lock at the World Bank webpage:

Type of Indicator source: 

  • Intergovernmental Organisation