Ratio of girls to boys in primary, secondary, and tertiary education

Ratio of girls to boys (gender parity index) in primary, secondary and tertiary education is the ratio of the number of female students enrolled at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education to the number of male students in each level. To standardise the effects of the population structure of the appropriate age groups, the Gender Parity Index (GPI) of the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for each level of education is used.

Millenium Development Goal Indicators, http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Metadata.aspx, Retrieved on 10.12.2014

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United Nations Statistics Division

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Click on the + sign next to "Goal 3" to expand the folder, and expand "Target 3.A" the same way. Then select one of the three first options, the country/regions of interest and click on "View Data".

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  • Intergovernmental Organisation