NAT: total health expenditure per capita

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Health care expenditure data provide information on expenditure in the functionally defined area of health distinct by provider category (e.g. hospitals, general practitioners), function category (e.g. services of curative care, rehabilitative care, clinical laboratory, patient transport, prescribed medicines) and financing agent (e.g. social security, private insurance company, household). The definitions and classifications of the System of Health Accounts (SHA) (see the annex at the bottom of the page) are followed, e.g. International Classification for Health Accounts - Providers of health care (ICHA-HP). Health care data on expenditure are largely based on surveys and administrative (register) data sources in the countries. Therefore, they reflect the country-specific way of organising health care and may not always be completely comparable. The database is based on a co-operation between EUROSTAT, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) and the WHO (World Health Organisation), executing a Joint Questionnaire on Health expenditure since 2005. The area covered consists of EU-27 (excluding EL, IE, IT, MT, and UK), Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Australia and Korea.