MSCI Global Clean Technology Index

This index is one of the MSCI Global Environment Indices - free float-adjusted market capitalization weighted indices designed to provide exposure to environmental themes by identifying pure play companies((i.e., derives 50% or more of its revenue from products and services from clean technology) that focus on offering products or services that contribute to a more environmentally sustainable economy by directly reducing the consumption of or improving the productive use of limited global natural resources. It measures the gross returns of these companies.

The clean technology theme category includes companies whose products or services reduce energy resource
consumption through:
• Products that make current technologies highly energy-efficient;
• Technologies for producers or consumers that make more efficient use of power or fuel; or
• Products or services that reduce the demand for energy or fuel consumption

Examples of Clean Technology products and services include electric and hybrid (gas-electric) vehicles,
energy-efficient machinery and equipment and large-scale energy storage equipment. They also include
demand management services (utilities) and “smart metering” and industrial automation controls.
Companies considered for the Clean Technology theme do not fit into the Alternative Energy,
Sustainable Water, Pollution Prevention, or Green Building themes.

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