Energy productivity (GDP/gross inland energy consumption)

This indicator is a measure of the energy intensity of the economy: gross domestic product (GDP) divided by the gross inland consumption of energy for a given calendar year. The gross inland consumption includes energy consumed from coal, electricity, oil, natural gas and renewable energy sources, consummed domestically.
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Unit of Measurement: 

Euro / kilogram of oil equivalent (EUR / kg oe) or Purchasing Parity Standard / kilogram of oil equivalent (PPS / kg oe)

Description to get data: 

When observing energy productivity trends over time in a single geographic area, use the data reported in EUR per kilogram of oil equivalent (which uses GDP that is in chain linked volumes, reference year 2005 at 2005 exchange rates). To compare countries for the same year, use GDP in purchasing power standard per kilogram of oil equivalent.

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  • Statistical office