Deterioration of Personal Situation Compared to the Past

A subjective judgement of a person, who thinks/feels that his personal situation is becoming progressively worse than it was in the past

Data host: 

Social Indicators Research Centre

Unit of Measurement: 

Percentage (%)

Description to get data: 

In order to see the data, please follow the next steps (choose the following options): 1. European Data 2. Hierarchic 3. Total Life Situation 4. (2) Subjective Well - Being 5. Cognitive Components of Subjective (...) 6. Perceived Situation Compared to the (...) 7. O2 Deterioration of Personal Situat (...) 8. Total 9. All (35 Countries) 10. Choose "O2 Deterioration of Personal Situation" below the graph

Type of Indicator source: 

  • Scientific institute