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    Energy-related emissions of particulate matter

    Combination of primary PM10 data, and emissions of secondary PM10 precursors (SO2 and NOx and NH3) weighted using aerosol formation factors (according to de Leeuw, 2002) NOx = 0.88, SO2 = 0.54 and NH3 = 0.64. Gaps in reported data have been filled by EEA/ETC-ACC where necessary using simple interpolation techniques.
    (Source: EEA,

    European precipitation

    Exceedance of air quality limit values in urban areas

    The indicator shows the fraction of the EU-28 urban population that is potentially exposed to ambient air concentrations of certain pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, SO2 and B(a)P)) in excess of the EU limit or target values (EU, 2004, 2008) set for the protection of human health; and to concentrations of these pollutants in excess of the WHO Guidelines (WHO, 2000, 2006).

    It also shows the evolution of urban background levels of PM2.5, PM10, O3 and NO2 at the European level.

    Exceedances of air quality objectives due to traffic

    Expenditures on personal mobility

    Exposure of ecosystems to acidification, eutrophication and ozone

    "The indicator shows the ecosystem or crops areas at risk of exposure to harmful effects of ozone as a consequence of air pollution, and shows the state of change in acidification, eutrophication and ozone levels of the European environment."

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    External costs of electricity production

    Fertilizer consumption — outlook from EEA

    The indicator "use of fertilizers' is presented as total amount of mineral fertilizers used per unit of agricultural land. Total fertiliser consumption refers to the total sum of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P2O5) and potash (K2O) used in agriculture.
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    Final electricity consumption by sector

    Final energy consumption by sector and fuel

    The indicator covers energy supplied to the final consumer for all energy uses. It is calculated as the sum of final energy consumption of all sectors. These are disaggregated to cover industry, transport, households, services and agriculture.
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    Final energy consumption — outlook from IEA

    Final energy consumption by sector

    Final energy consumption intensity

    The indicator shows the total final energy intensity and the final energy intensity by sector. It highlights the evolution in energy intensity.
    Source: on 08/04/2015

    Financing biodiversity management

    Fisheries: European commercial fish stocks

    The indicator shows the status of the European commercial fish stocks. It illustrates the proportion of assessed stocks which are overfished and stocks within safe biological limits.
    Source: Retrieved on 08/04/2015

    Fishing fleet capacity

    Forest fire danger

    Forest growth

    This indicator measures forest area and volume of forest biomass.

    Forest: deadwood

    Forest: growing stock, increment and fellings