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    Tourist arrivals — outlook from WTO model

    Traffic noise: exposure and annoyance

    Transport accident fatalities

    Transport emissions of air pollutants

    Transport emissions of greenhouse gases

    Transport final energy consumption by mode

    Transport infrastructure investments

    Transport subsidies

    Transport taxes and charges

    Uptake of strategic environmental assessment in the transport sector

    Urban spatial characteristics and transport

    Urban wastewater treatment

    Urban wastewater treatment — outlook from EEA

    Use of cleaner and alternative fuels

    The indicator shows the share of renewable energy consumption in transport.
    Source: , 13/04/2015

    Use of freshwater resources

    The indicator illustrates the annual total water abstraction as a percentage of available long-term freshwater resources. Il also shows data of water abstractions for irrigation, manufacturing industry, energy cooling and public water supply.
    retrieved on: 13/04/2015

    Use of freshwater resources — outlook from EEA

    Vector-borne disease

    Waste from road vehicles

    Water and food-borne diseases

    Water requirement