About the website

Measuring Progress is an online tool and database about indicators for policy-makers and people trying to influence them. Measuring Progress helps to identify and understand the best indicators to measure progress towards the green economy. The key aim of Measuring Progress is to support you in the search for the right indicators for your policy problem, and to help you with understanding their interpretation and the relationships between the chosen indicators. All indicators of the database were classified into topics. Additionally, keywords have been linked to these topics.

  • You can receive indicator suggestions by selecting keywords or by navigating a topic tree. Alternatively, a full text search is possible.
  • The suggested indicators are ordered by their relevance to the chosen keywords or topics.
  • For each indicator, you have access to a fact sheet with information on the source, the data quality, the interpretation pitfalls and links to related indicators, keywords and topics.
  • If you find an indicator interesting, you can add it to "my indicator selection". The website will provide you with additional information on your selection and enable you to save that selection.

Measuring Progress is a result of the NETGREEN project, which has received funding from the European Union under the headline FP7- ENV.2013.6.5-1 Accelerating progress towards the Green Economy. The following research institutes are responsible for the development of the website.