About my indicator selection

If you find an indicator useful and wish to save it, simply click on the green SELECT button to add it to your selection. This button is available on the indicator fact sheet and even directly in the search results. This allows you to continue your indicator search uninterrupted, knowing that you can read more detailed information on the selected indicators afterwards.

If you change your mind about an indicator, simply click on the red REMOVE button to delete it from your Indicator Selection.

The indicators in "My Indicator Selection" will stay for the whole session, even if you try several different searches. They can even be saved for another session if you register on the Measuring-Progress.eu.

The wesbite will provide information on the balance of the chosen indicator sample, provide summary information of the chosen indicators and assess:

  • whether your selection contains indicators from all the main branches of the Green Economy (environmental sustainability, social justice, quality of life, economic sustainability and resilience, and effective governance)
  • whether key interpretation pitfalls of the chosen indicators are covered by other indicators of the chosen set.