Abiotic material productivity incl. industrial minerals and metals, US$ per kg

The OECD green growth indicators 2014 does not give a definition. The definition can be deduced from the following definitions (OECD, green growth indicators 2014):
Resource productivity characterises the environmental and economic efficiency with which natural resources and materials are used in production and consumption, and which informs about the results of policies and measures that promote resource productivity and sustainable materials management in all sectors. Important resources and materials include mineral resources (metallic minerals, industrial minerals, construction minerals); biotic resources (food, feed, wood); water; and nutrients, which among other characteristics reflect interactions with nutrient cycles and food production systems.

The materials are aggregated using mass-based weights and are classified as biotic materials
(biomass for food and feed, wood), construction minerals, an
d other abiotic materials (industrial minerals and metals).

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

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